About Countryside Animal Hospital

About Countryside Animal Hospital in Hot Springs

We treat your pet as we would our own. Countryside Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of wellness programs for all stages of life including puppy & kitten, adult, and senior care. We have a fully stocked pharmacy, as well as ultra sound, endoscope, blood pressure monitoring, x-ray, blood monitoring and eye care equipment.  Exceptional care and quality service are important aspects to consider when evaluating a veterinary clinic to entrust with the care of your pet. This is why we focus on providing the exceptional service of at an affordable cost each and every visit. 

Mission Statement

Our goal at Countryside is to create a team (and thus an environment) of true concern, empathy, compassion, and a desire to work hard for our patients and clients. We want them, every single one, to walk through our doors and see it and feel it. They need to know, first and foremost, just how much we care.

We have focused heavily on our team and worked to find people with all of these qualities. Every member of our staff is truly invested in Countryside and gives their whole heart to every patient, every time.

We laugh and worry and fuss and cry over our patients because we know just how important they are. We get to know them; we learn their quirks, what works for them, what doesn’t.

We celebrate the beginnings and fuss over the puppies, we mourn when that time comes that we must let one of our loved ones go. And in all the in-betweens, we work hard so that the time we get with them, the time our clients are blessed with them, is as long as possible.

We love them, we fall in love with them, we fight for them…that is Countryside!

-Elizabeth Pixton Wilkes, Hospital Manager

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