There has been a piece of God in my home every day.

A work of art, a blessing, and a treasure someone had thrown away.

I had him for a while, close to fifteen years, long enough that I think I forgot one day he would not be here.

Faithful and so funny and always at my side, in a home built largely around the love that he inspired.

He barked when ignored, would snort with just one tickle, and if you came near his toy he’d growl something awful and his tail would wiggle.

I recognized to some extent the difference his presence created, but his absence now is louder than any sound he ever made.

There’s a piece of God missing from my home today, though in my mind I see him everywhere and talk to him when I close my eyes and pray.

It should not be in retrospect that we recognize this logic.

We have to hold, love and treasure every piece of God while we’ve got it.

We miss you Micah.

The influence you had in our lives is immeasurable. The love we shared with you will live forever.

In our hearts always,
Elizabeth and Haley


Ozzie with his Horse Miss Kitty















Ben Adcock