Video Endoscopy

Pet endoscopy at Countryside Animal Hospital

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Diagnostic endoscopy
Countryside offers a full service of endoscopic diagnostics and therapies.
Video intestinal endoscopic exams are used to diagnose causes of chronic vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, appetite changes and bleeding.
Rhinoscopy and bronchoscopy
Video endoscopy can also be used to evaluate the upper respiratory tract when coughs, sneezing, nasal discharges and abnormal breathing is persistent.
Video endoscopy can be used in replacement of exploratory surgery for a number of conditions in the abdomen. We commonly perform laparoscopy for the purposes of liver, intestinal and kidney biopsy when those procedures are indicated.
Video endoscopy of the lower urinary tract can be performed to evaluate possible causes of urinary tract bleeding, straining and incontinence. Often when combined with ultrasound examination, we can make definitive diagnoses even in difficult cases without a single incision!
Video endoscopy of the chest cavity can be used to identify causes of fluid accumulations and masses that are difficult to access safely from the outside.